Botox_LP_1Wireframe for Desktop
Botox_LP_1mobileWireframe for Mobile

Botox® Cosmetic Landing Page

developed for BOTOX® Cosmetic

I designed this lead generation landing page for BOTOX® Cosmetic while working for BCG Digital Ventures.
The goal was to capture user data that would later be used in the development of a consumer data platform. Within one month the page captured more than 3,000 emails.
I was responsible for the UX and Visual Design, under the supervision of the Lead designer.
One of the requirements and challenges of the project was making sure all content was in compliance with restrict FDA standards.
The page was responsive with 3 screen breakpoints: 320px, 980px and 1440px.

  • Client - BOTOX® Cosmetic
  • Date Completed - April 2018