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GNC Learning Center DesktopGNC Learning Center for Desktop
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GNC Learning Center

developed for GNC

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GNC asked us to create a Content Hub in order to showcase their articles about health, wellness, weight management, fitness and supplements.

I worked under the supervision of the Lead Designer and collaborated directly with a copywriter.

I created low-fidelity wireframes for desktop, tablet and smartphone that were approved after minor changes. I created a modular slot design that can accommodate 4, 5, 6 or more modules as they are created.

Following the approval of the wireframes I made an initial selection of stock images for each one of the sections. The client later replaced a few of them with pre-approved images.

In parallel to that I worked with a copywriter to create the text blurbs for each section.

The visual design was based on a provided style guide per client request.

  • Client - GNC
  • Date Completed - February 2018