slimvance-DTC-checkout-desktopSlimvance Checkout page for Desktop
Desktop_checkout_wireframe_portfolio_sm_miniSlimvance Checkout Wireframe for Desktop
slimvance-DTC-home-desktop-sm_miniSlimvance Landing page for Desktop

GNC Slimvance Landing Page and Checkout

developed for GNC

I collaborated with the design team on creating this Direct Response Landing Page for Slimvance, a GNC weight loss pill.
I designed the initial low-fidelity wireframes for the Landing Page and Checkout page that we gradually increased in fidelity as we gathered more information and feedback from the internal stakeholders and client.
During the design phase a few different versions of the Landing page were created, tested and optimized. I collaborated on some steps of the design process of both Landing and Checkout pages.

  • Client - GNC
  • Date Completed - January 2018