Ultramercial Research

developed for Ultramercial, LLC

As the Senior Designer at Ultramercial, I’d been given the task of redesigning Ultramercial’s website in order to give it a more fresh and contemporary look, up to date with the market, and in order to find better ways to visually and verbally explain the ads-for-premium-content business model.
As I started working on the redesign I realized that it wasn’t clear to stakeholders who the competition was, what the company’s goals were or what content needed to be showcased.
I started a research and created a study with the objective of outlining exactly what Ultramercial was about and where it was situated in the market, so I could more efficiently help it achieves its goals through the website redesign.
The outcome of the research is a 30-page PDF document that can be viewed here.
I also created moodboards, comps, wireframes and the website.

  • Client - Ultramercial, LLC