All of Us Research Hub

The All of Us Research Program, part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), is building one of the largest biomedical data resources of its kind. The Research Hub will store health data from one million or more diverse participants in the All of Us Research Program.

Project Brief

The Program was entering its next phase and the Research Hub website required a UI and UX update in order to support the new goals.

I was tasked with creating a new design for the site home page. The assets provided were wireframes with updated UX, copy and the following design directions:

  • Create a more modular and literal design
  • Follow brand style guide, using brand colors, typeface, iconography and buttons
  • Use photography instead of illustrations

Design Concepts

I came up with three design approaches for the home page, with subtly different concepts.

Warm and Straightforward

  • Warm gradients and colorful iconography give life and friendliness to a serious content
  • Clean and scannable layout allows the content to stand out
  • Photo of an actual researcher gives legitimacy to the site

Personal and Dynamic

  • Muted and cold color scheme remain as a backdrop to a dynamic layout
  • Photo of research participants create a connection with users and draw them into the page
  • Vertically stacked data creates a funnel effect that guides the user down the page

Data Centric

  • A grid-like design where the focus is on the content
  • Scannable and easy to assimilate
  • Vertical lines and left-aligned text mimic database columns
  • Bold colors give energy to an otherwise cold layout

Client Feedback and Progress

The client decided to move forward with the first design concept. We fine-tuned the design incorporating minor changes requested by the client, as well as updates to UX and copywriting.

At this point in the project I got pulled into other design assignments while the Digital Art Director took over the design of the home page. So the final version of the home page is credited to him, John Hultman.

I was responsible for applying the new design to top level pages of the site and designing the main navigation for desktop and mobile.

Final Design and Site Pages

Final Home Page Design
About The Research Hub
Privacy & Security Protocols


For the following phase of the project I was tasked with designing the site main navigation. The design direction was to stay within the brand and lean heavily on other program sister sites. For iconography I pulled some icons from the brand library and designed additional ones as needed.

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